July 30

Email Marketing Revolution


Video 1: Intro

Video 2: Email Marketing - An Overview

Video 3: Grow and Organize Your Email List

Video 4: Autoresponders and Email Apps Every Marketer Should Know

Video 5: Email Designing and Copywriting Strategies

Video 6: Email Deliverability Strategies - How To Keep Your Email Out Of The Spam Box

Video 7: Email Deliverability Strategies - Top Delivery Tools For Internet Marketers

Video 8: The Art Of Targeting and Segmentation

Video 9: Email Program Management and Optimization Strategies - A. Planning An Email Marketing Calender

Video 10: B. Common Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Video 11: C.  Determining The Optimal Email Frequency

Video 12: How To Use Split Testing/AB Testing To Create Results

Video 13: Funnel Creation And Drip Marketing

Video 14: Transactional Emails - The 7 Best Services

Video 15: 10 Email Styles To Boost Your Profits


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Affiliate Victory Extension


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