August 4

Email Sales Blueprint


Video 1: How Long Your AutoResponder Sequence Should Be

Video 2:  Offer Vs Content Ratio

Video 3:  When To Follow Up And When To Broadcast

Video 4:  Best Types Of Subject Lines To Use

Video 5:  How To Provide Constant Value To Your List

Video 6: How To Monetize Your Lists With Products And Affiliate Offers 

Video 7:  How To Write Follow Up Emails

Video 8: How To Write A Good Promotional Email 

Video 9:  The Best Width To Use In Your Emails

Video 10:  Should You Use Plain Text Or HTML Emails

Video 11:  Should You Use Double Opt-In Or Single Opt-In

Video 12:  Linking From Your Signature In Your Emails

Video 13:  Cliffhangers To Keep Your Audience Interested

Video 14:  Your Prospect Follow Up Sequence

Video 15:  Your Buyers Follow Up Sequence

Video 16:  How I Write Copy For Any Product In Just 5 Minutes

Video 17:  How To Tell A Story In Your Emails

Video 18:  How To Track Your Click Through And Open Rate

Video 19:  How To Write A Call-To-Action In Your Email

Video 20:  The Complete Ingredients Of A Good Follow Up And Promotion Email


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